Don’t Look Down. [September 21st, 2012]

Don’t look down.  It’s an impossible view.  The immeasurable void between the things that you are genuinely talented at…and the things that you do to survive.  This is the buy cheap generic levitra daily pep talk you whisper to legal cialis coerce yourself back from the ledge, and up into the office elevator.  This is the nagging feeling that maybe it’s just you whose view of the world is askew.  This is the ladder you drunkenly struggled up as they egged you on, and the sobering doubt that you’ve squandered years climbing up to the wrong heights.  The gaping chasm created by wrong-headed success.  The well-intentioned mob of loved ones, begging you to jump, with little regard to what your insides will look like even if you land in one piece.

There are truths that few of online pharmacy propecia sale us were told as children.  Words like: “I should have tried harder not to become someone else.”  “I should have been less concerned with how much I could make, and more enamored with how well I would sleep at night.“  Or “I should have been braver, when all I had to lose was myself.“  Now, and instead, those sentiments hang frozen in quiet moments.  Like untold and generic viagra with international shipping unrequited lovers.  Like ghosts at the train station.  Forever at the same stop, and forever trying to pinpoint the exact moment they found themselves going in the buy ing viagra in canada wrong direction.

How many of us are reluctant to levitra for sale online sleep in the beds we’ve made for ourselves, but find ourselves forever tripping over the discarded sheets?

We work diligently at owning things.  It’s easier than admitting we own less and less of ourselves the longer we work for someone else.  It’s a simpler path to wrap one’s head around.  The idea of learning a trade, and serving as someone else’s arms and legs for eight hours a day.  Being required to leave your heart at home, under lock and key, is a minor detail that some are all-too-willing to overlook.  But there are those of us who wear them on our sleeves, and weave them into our words, even as we try to spit well-practiced platitudes of complacency out of generic viagra online prescription the sides of viagra online switzerland our mouths.

And so the clocks tick.  And so the whips crack.  As we build someone else’s Babel…while staring at the horizon and wondering what our Pyramids would look like.

People talk of missing their window.  They talk of now being too late, and of now being too soon.  They would over-think themselves into an early grave, if you let them.  In a manner of speaking, anyone who has allowed him/herself to become content already has.  We are made up of varying increments of failure, each of them divisible into smaller increments where we come out on top.  The scales tip in whichever direction they are forcefully pushed, and playing fair only makes sense when it’s not your life at stake.  But of course, it’s easier to just let things happen.  Over and over.  Until we forget who is very good site holding the reins.  Until we forget there is something great inside us.

You have big ideas. They live in a too-small cage, and threaten to online pharmacy propecia sale eat you whole.  You feed them small morsels of yourself and bide your time as they plot an escape.  At nights, you sleep with one eye open…But they don’t sleep at all.

That thing you’ve tucked away inside you.  Try as you might to forget it…it will rear its head like a childhood monster that outgrew it’s hiding place under the bunk-bed.  It will ask you if you grew up to become someone that the younger you would have been proud of.  You will want to lie to it, but after lying to yourself for this long, there will be few able-bodied untruths left in you.

It’s a difficult thing to hide from the world.  The fact that you’re going places; and the fact that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you.  It’s the sort of thing you’d love to discuss, but the rest of the world just wants to overnight canadian viagra ask each other about the weather.

So.  If you know what it is to smolder on the inside.  If you know what it’s like to tire of rationalizing your Monday morning to your reflection.  If you’ve always known that you can do better.

Then climb.  And don’t look down.  Until there’s no more ground beneath you.  Until the landscape looks as small as all of your excuses were.  Until you find whoever it is that you’ve long pretended you could live without being.

Sport Coat – Ikiré Jones + Shoes: Gaziano & Girling “Oakham” for Bespoke England

Photography – David Evan McDowell

Soundtrack: Grizzly Bear “Shields” & Tame Impala “Innerspeaker”

20 comments on “Don’t Look Down.

  1. whoaa whoaaa whoaaaaa – dapper all around.

    the sport coat is pretty amazing.

    where does one find cobalt blue slacks? Ikiré Jones?

  2. Confidence, elegance and levitra professional pharmacy downright dangerous!! You, my friend, could be the next James Bond! Once again, you have left my jaw on my keyboard…..superb, my friend!

  3. An all around well thought out presentation, I applaud you sir for your style.

  4. Wale O,
    You have done it again my friend! I don’t know if I’m more inspired by your words or style. The sports coat is unreal from the lapels, patch pockets, and most importantly fit. Please continue providing gems of brand name cialis overnight style and inspiration to the masses. The menswear blogging game needs you! Continued success!
    Be Well,

  5. Where are those slacks from?

  6. Sabir P. on said:


    You’re officially a criminal (ahaha). Whiskey hands is back at it again. Great work.

  7. Great words, style, pictures…

  8. Ill. The sock hue, the trousers. Ideas abound. Thanks.

  9. unitedstyle on said:

    Nice! That cut on that coat is razor sharp. I’d always feel like one hamburger lunch away from my button popping off.

  10. His words carry weight that would break a less.interesting man’s jaw. Wale you stay killin’ it, with both your words as well as your visual representation. When is Ikire Jones dropping? I need that in my life, like right now. Keep doing your thing!

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  12. Thomas Tillman Jr. on said:

    Greetings Wale,
    It was nice meeting you today young man & conversing for a bit,hopefully we will talk more in the near future. Keep up the good work & continue relaying your “personal views’ on style through your color palette,fabrication and cut.


  13. Rosenda Elizabeth Moore on said:

    Was enjoying the only best offers beautiful photographs and great style and art, when I read those words on the page. This really hit me, it’s where I’m at, I must go forward even if I’m not sure where I’m going. I’ll KNOW when the steps light up inside me. By the way, great site!!!! Found this on buying generic viagra without prescription the beautiful and online cialis sales wonderful and inspirational 16 Stone Vintage site. Thanks to whomever wrote what is buy cialis online fast on this page and did the beautiful pictures and style!

  14. Absolutely love the colors in this suit! Everything matches perfectly and I especially love that shade of blue with the white collar!

  15. Superb showing – the jacket is a masterpiece. May I suggest incorporating a female in one of your future pieces.

  16. AverageMan on said:

    Amazing outfit, love that blazer!!

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