Watch The Throne. [January 17th, 2011]

You owe it to yourself to live an extraordinary life.  At nights, your eyelids flutter open like curtains in a hotel room.  You’re there, but no one is home.  There’s a view of all the things you were meant to have laying before you.  Behind the glass and link for you beyond your reach.  On any given Monday morning, you will sit at your desk as the fire in your belly threatens to engulf you.  An all consuming ambition.  To be someone and somewhere else.  Anywhere.  As long as its bigger.  As long as you are better.  As long as you are someone that everyone else wants to be.  You will watch the clock.  And you will wait for anything to happen.

So you build your new life the way that unseen hands built the pyramids. Piece-by-precarious-domino-piece.  Waiting for the day that your future cascades triumphantly before you. Waiting for your window to open.  Threatening to kick the door-in.   There are those who doubt you.  You might even be one of them.  That’s fine, I suppose. There are worse fates in life.  After all, you could be perpetually ignored by history and everyone who isn’t your mother.  And No.  We can’t have that, now can we?

It pretty much comes down to this: We tell 100 lies a day.  Most of them before noon. and 99 of them to ourselves.  If you insist on acknowledging one truth in life, realize that  you will never be who you were meant to be if you just wait for it to happen.  You owe it to yourself to live an extraordinary life.  Define that as you must, but let that be the one promise that you never break.  Do more than watch the throne.  Walk towards it.  Seize the crown from the aged & heavy head it rests upon.  Turn the page on viagra purchase uk the recommended site old you, and write what you’ve always known has been written for you.  Because.  No one else will do it for you.

Credits: Photography – 12Rnd + Boots: Gaziano & Girling + Pants: Mabitex + Case: Pratesi

Editor’s note: Funny story about that case…So I opened up the box and realized it was a way waaay yellow-er than I’d been expecting.  Yeah, it’s a bit much.  But hey, we’re all entitled to go H.A.M every now and then (or every day, if you’re me).

31 comments on “Watch The Throne.

  1. The Educated Rascals on said:

    I can’t figure out which I enjoy most: the prose or the fashionS. WELL PLAYED, sir.

    …where’d you get that umbrella?

  2. The Boots are fire. It all is, really but I’m a fan of the boot.

  3. CreativeSilence on said:

    Touché my friend. Well done.

  4. sawandi on said:

    the jacket…

  5. Luftvier on said:

    The case is online cialis sales a gorgeous butterscotch that will only look better with age. The patina on that in 10 years will be fantastic.

  6. Steve B on said:

    Looking Abso-fab as usual sir. Quick query, do you have to struggle to no order prescription viagra get your coats on? I find that my tighter coats are a bit of a struggle to get on (because of my broad shoulders), but I much prefer the fitted look to that of a man with too much girth for his height.

    • Hm. Not so much with jackets, but I’ve run into similar issues with custom shirts. If you’re buying them off the rack, then it’s possible you have football player shoulders that are just too wide for the average off-the-rack cut. The solution would probably be to go a size bigger, then see if you can tailor it slimmer, or cut something entirely custom made.

  7. J. Jones on said:

    Awesome… just plain awesome. The word play and the fits. Thanks for inspiring me this Monday morn.

  8. Love the execution!
    The only beef I got is the color brief & the shoes, is out of proportion. If you can only find the same color shoes and the belt to go with that beautiful briefcase, It’s over!
    On another note you did it better than Boxer Regilio Benito! Peace!

  9. Sabir Peele on said:

    Really digging the look. Those pants are genius.

  10. Give Me Indiana on said:

    That case will be the beautiful tan you were looking for in a few years, and buttery soft

  11. Caroline Fontenot on said:

    Ha! I saw a photo from here on tumblr and how much cialis realized it was you, so I came to see what I had missed. Great post. Those pants are all win.

  12. unitedstyle on said:

    Take care of that case. Your son will thank you in 25 years when he’s eye’in Pop’s briefcase.

    • HE CAN’T HAVE IT. IT GOES TO THE GRAVE WITH ME AND ALL MY OTHER MATERIAL GOODS! The Pharaohs had it right. I still want a vintage Bulova like you btw.

      • unitedstyle on said:

        Well, like Mr. Brown said, it’s your prerogative. However, treat that umbrella right–

  13. Michael on said:

    wow…just…wow…head to toe!

  14. You mentioned the case was way yellower than you expected. What was the color you expected vs. what you got? Coffee? Mustard?

  15. bldngblck on said:

    my man lookin’ like the mexican viagra black thurston howell III! keep it up
    that jacket is captain!

  16. Polobear on said:

    I needed those words. powerful posting my brother.

  17. Looking very sharp Woe!

  18. Jamaican on said:

    WOE In general I feel your style dude. Definately not how I would rock it, but your personality jumps out in the way you rock it, so rock on my brother. For me the boots smash it. Although I like the case – I too think it’s a bit too yellow; a cognac or hazlenut would have been my choice -for me it’s the shoes take the outfit to official canadian pharmacy the next level. They are just right. Unexpected, yet the right colour, the right “aggressive” last… good choice. Glasses in the pocket… a touch too much for me… Also think the blazer is great, just a little short n snug… I can see where you are going with your style, and it is mad fly, like your use of complementary colour and contrasting patterns and textures. In a way classic, but definately your own take on it. Nice one. J

  19. Luftvier on said:

    Condition it and it will darken.*

    *I am not responsible for any damage to your bag from your experiment. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. Eat your vegetables. Take showers. Sing in the rain. Hug a puppy.

  20. Christopher Carter on said:

    Wale O,
    Your style is highly inspirational. I am new to your blog and your content exposes me to new and innovative ways to create my own style. Congratulations on all of your success, and keep the purchase discount cialis online posts coming.

  21. Lovely words. Thanks.

  22. Where did you get that amazing blazer, sir?

  23. Regilio Benito on said:

    Love the outfit, (((R)))

  24. hanksingle on said:

    I am…and I’m reading back a bit here, mostly because I really like those orange gloves…at odds with the idea that you care at all what someone else thinks about you – specific to the lines:

    ‘To be someone and somewhere else. Anywhere. As long as its bigger. As long as you are better. As long as you are someone that everyone else wants to be. ‘

    This is one of the most nakedly American and unattractive ideas I have ever seen – and sadly, it seems to be echoed by nearly every other clothes-horse on the internet. Why do you care? What does it serve? If I approve of the idea of 100mg generic viagra being better, it is for self-improvement – and the core of that is buy viagra fed ex improving you for you, not for other people.

    I like the clothes you wear – but I also wonder about your ridiculous use of the phrase ‘meager’. Good luck, be well.

    • Hi there. Thanks for reading.

      (i should point out that I’m looking at the line outside of the context of the entire piece at the moment, but even still…)

      I don’t think it’s necessarily a uniquely American idea. It might be unappealing to non prescription viagra you, but I think many of us aspire to be more than what we currently are. I don’t mean that in a materialistic sense either. If that is all people take from these musings, then I’ve failed. The bottom line is this: if one is content with their current station in life, then they are doing much better than the general populace. Most of us want more (not things, but experiences). And even more of us do little to realize these wants. That is one thing that the American seems to have claimed (even if its not unique to him): The idea that the world is out there, for his taking. If he only has the guts to go out and visit our site get it.

      I suspect your issue is with this part:
      “As long as you are someone that everyone else wants to be.” I don’t mean that in the reality-tv-fame-seeker sense, but more in the Google-founder, Facebook-inventor sort of way. There are those who live and work on their own terms. To be sure, the work hard. But they do so because its what they’re passionate about, not because its what incidentally puts food on their table. In my view, those are the people that everyone wants to be. Not Snookie from the Jersey Shore.

      And thanks. I do like the gloves too.

      Regarding the canadian pharm use of ‘meager’ in the title. Yes, admittedly so. It won’t make it into the next iteration of buy levitra generic this site (which is coming soon). It’s all relative though. Regardless of what you’re talking about, the term is completely subjective.

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