The World Is Yours. [May 18th, 2011]

There will be a tipping point.  A moment when your knuckles whiten, as you watch the needle push past the red-line…and snap clean off.  A day when your personal levee breaks and look here the deluge of adulation comes pooling around your ankles.  A time when the final domino tilts drunkenly at its precipice: the calm before the culmination of a grand design you unknowingly set in motion.  In short, a reason for it all.

For some of us, it’s the unconscious flicker of a light switch we never knew we had inside us.  For others, it’s the familiar feeling of waking up on a week day with the generic propecia in canada absurdity of having nothing to look forward to but the week’s end.  And knowing.  That things can’t possibly go on usefull link like this.  Somewhere along the way, it became acceptable for us to live with a crisis of faith about what we do for a living.  We don’t believe in what we do, but we believe in who we do it for.  Our morning mantras–a mouthful of self-assurance that leave us wary of the words we’re hearing.  Weary of the skins we’re wearing.  Like waking up with your back against the ceiling…and watching yourself become someone who goes through the motions.  Someone who lives on autopilot until the gears grind to a halt.  Living too cautiously is like flying high without the buy viagra in new zealand landing gear.  A gentle ride above the runway, until it becomes a landing your boredom won’t let you limp away from.

There may not be a blueprint.  There may not be a trail of breadcrumbs that leads us through the woods to canadian pharmacy online the men we’re meant to become.  But.  There are other ways.  Regardless of how firmly our feet are planted, the world will continue to spin beneath us.  In spite of our best-laid plans, those ambitions we’ve tried to bury will come tugging at our coat-tails.  For obvious reasons, there are those of us that would let their pleas fall on deaf ears.  The marionette’s dance is an easy-one.  Life by the numbers.  Assuming you’re comfortable living with strings attached and discarded dreams brimming under your carpet.  For some of us, there will come a tipping point.  A moment when the dominoes swagger drunkenly at their wits-end before they fall.  A day when we look around and realize, the world is ours.  But.  Only if we find the courage step out of line.  And take it.

Lens – 12Rnd
Jacket – Phineas Cole
Duffel – Fossil
Shirt – Made Tailor
Tie – Panta
Shoes – Polo

23 comments on “The World Is Yours.

  1. Sabir Peele on said:

    And for this one, I can say Wale came to shut down the game. Teach!

  2. Zach on said:

    Those textures and layers of color are inspiring. Also, I am glad to see someone that has a jacket of levitra generico proper length. Well done, sir.

  3. Matt on said:

    Damn looks good and great fit. Almost bought a purple sportcoat at Phineas Cole recently; they have some unique stuff for sure. Not sure I would do purple + db + windowpane + hacking pockets (maybe choose two of the four) but that’s me.

    Re: Made Tailor shirts, what are your thoughts? Lot of online MTM guys out there now.

    • I agree, it’s kind of a lot going on. Definitely not an everyday look, but you have to live a little sometimes. Regarding Made Tailor, I’m admittedly a little biased because the guys behind the pfizer cialis canada brand are buddies of mine. That said, I wear them exclusively and have nothing but good things to cheap cialis from canada say about them. Shoot them an email, it might be the brand for you.

      • Matt on said:

        Thanks, i’ll look into them. The Phineas Cole piece I was looking at was a SB purple tweed herringbone with hacking pockets – great jacket but was end of season and only had a size too small.

    • btw: Phineas Cole “SB purple tweed herringbone with hacking pockets ” sounds niiiice. Wonder if they still have this in my size.

  4. Urban Renaissance on said:

    Very impressive, sir.

  5. Bruce Wheyn of Money Market Legacy on said:

    Totally like the attire…need to get to my tailor to get some blazers done and generic cialis in india longing to try that texture, style and colors. Very few people dare wear them here in Trinidad. What caught my eyes are the accessories the Duffel – Fossil , the Tie – Panta and the Shoes – Polo but what also the watch which you didn’t mention in the credit line there.

    • Thanks. The watch is a Vintage Bulova that ticks whenever it feels like it.
      More on it here:

  6. Maggie on said:

    Wale oh my gooood this is so sharp!!! Dreamy. Are you gonna post more Paris pictures?

  7. Navi on said:

    Great look m8, jacket is some serious shit! Question though, is that beaut of a tie cashmere or wool? Always on the buy cheapest cialis 5 mg lookout for brown herringbone ties, and that’s a fabulous one. Panta Fall 2010 or something, no?

    Cheers and good going again!

    • Thanks. The tie is buy viagra order actually cashmere. Unfortunately, Panta’s site isn’t up and running quite yet. The brand is a small outfit run by user “edmorel” on StyleForum. You can contact him directly on 5mg cialis online uk Style Forum about getting a hold of some of his pieces. Here are some examples of his work…and also here. Cheers.

  8. Danny on said:

    Got linked here from DieWorkwear. I’m really impressed with the patterns used here. I wouldn’t be able to pull off a look to buying viagra in a canadian pharmacy this degree yet because I just started playing this style game (gotta stick to basics), but I hope I can reach to this degree.

    Great blog–you have a new reader!

    Btw, I really like the socks. Where are they from?


    • Thanks Dan. The socks are actually from Florsheim. One of those impulse lunch-break pick-ups that worked out for me. They rarely do.

  9. Management on said:

    When you can blow up the Tumbler…from wordpress, you know you’re killin’ ‘em. Keep up the good work.

  10. jasonmarshalljazz on said:

    Grey trousers with a cuff and a plain shirt would knock this out of the park. nice clothes though.

  11. Martin on said:

    Great mesh of colors. Good work.

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  13. anony on said:

    The things you said! I’m going through one of online propecia prescriptions ‘those moments’ right now, and even though its a bit confusing, I feel like I’m beginning to have more of a purpose now I have an idea of the direction i’d like to go in.
    Plus it doesn’t hurt that you look so dapper saying those things lol. Just came across your blog and have to say, I love it.

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  15. mr.italy on said:

    maybe the jacket is a lil bit long, meaning too long considering the entire image: your legs look shorter with such a jacket, and i guess you re very very tall: it’s a problem i know well, and, another thing: double breast is not adviced if legs are not (long).
    my opinion, but….i often hear these things, btw compliments for everything

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