Marvel in Mediocre Times. [September 12th, 2011]

Are you circling the drain? Are your wits weary and cialis shop wondering where they left their ends? Do you wake up and wonder if this will be the day that the jaws finally clench shut with you trapped inside them?  This is the thankless self-sacrifice that has become your life.  Your dreams, a martyr for nobler causes: stability & the certainty that comes from painting by the numbers.  The comfort of being content with settling.  The slow poison that lulled you to daily cialis sleep while your goals atrophied into something manageable and expected.

We rightfully revel in the simple things; often working mindlessly so we can celebrate the small pleasures.  But we do it with grace.  As if it’s all we deserve.  As if fruitlessly trying to claw our way up wouldn’t be preferable to accepting whatever trickled downward.  As if we weren’t made for something better.  Admittedly…not all of us were. And some people are okay with that.

Some of us know a hunger that most desks won’t satiate.  Some of us have lived up to expectations and found the status quo lacking.  The doors will creak open for everyone at some point or the follow link other.  Some of us will barrel through with fists clenched, while the others stand idly by.  Waiting for something to happen.  Opting always to play it safe.  Living subtly, but never sleeping soundly.  Unremarkable and easily forgotten.  There are those of us who strive for better.  We are the marvelous in mediocre times.

Photography: Rashid Zakat.

10 comments on “Marvel in Mediocre Times.

  1. maxx-scorpio on said:

    where do cialis uk chemist you get your blazers from?

  2. Love the look. Personally I don’t sport double breasted blazers but you make them look very sophisticated. Continued success!

  3. Sabir M. Peele on said:

    Hey Wale,

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is your blazer size?



  4. Bro,

    I’ve seen you so many times on the internet and each and everytime I saw your pics I was thrown back! I had no idea who you were until today that I found your website.

    Your looks, the way your clothes lay and usefull link fit and the patterns you choose are nothing less than perfect. How nice it is to see clothes that fit properly and perfectly tailored. Your shoes??!! Forget about it – homerun on all!

    An A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ to you my man.

    Keep it up!

  5. D-flaited on said:

    You are the truth! I wish I could meet and hang with more brothers that have your sense of style and outlook. I live in Atlanta but, we are definately birds-of-a-feather.

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