Live Life Like An Encore. [March 10th, 2011]

Let the others be content to live like the landscape.  To be looked over and looked past.  To blend-in and be inanimate.  Like Still-Life. With their regrettably still-lives.  To be forgotten when they aren’t there.  And left holding on to the generic viagra sold on line present, because they’re too afraid to grasp at the greater future slipping past…You? You were born to purchasing crestor online without prescription be the horizon. To be ever ahead, and always beyond their reach. To be picturesque; and worth more than the thousand words they will one day write about you. You live each day like a post-card.  And cherish each moment like an encore. Because you’ve always known what everyone else pretends not to.

It’s a short act. For you, and for them all, the lights will eventually fade.  The backs of the audience will shrink toward the exits. And somewhere backstage you will face a mirror.  Alone, and confronted with your harshest critic.   It’s what you do between the first note and the cialis on line canada closing curtain that counts.  So make it your business to wrestle an ovation from their balled-up fists.  Make it your calling to leave them perpetually calling out for more.  For you, and for them all, the lights will eventually fade…But if you think this is over, you are wrong.

Lens: 12Rnd + Kicks: Barker Black + Shirt: Made Tailor + Jacket: DKNY

Editor’s Note: Arguably, and admittedly a bit too much color going on here.  There’s a fine line between  pushing the envelope, and knowing when you need to dial it down.  Nevertheless, I say go hard or go home.  I’d rather swing for the fences and miss, than bunt for the easy out.

21 comments on online cialis pharmacyLive Life Like An Encore.

  1. antonia on said:

    *finger snaps*

  2. Vladimir Riché on said:

    What’s good Wale? I’m a fan and I really like the blog. I know that you rap or use to rap. Please check out this song and give me some feedback: Thanks in advance.

  3. Caroline Fontenot on said:

    I LOVE this look!!

  4. Kristopher on said:

    Aside from the green pants (which are too too too fresh) I am most jealous of which is better viagra or cialis the fact that you have nice enough weather to rock this type of gear. Still got snow on the ground here haha. As much as I hate to say it, keep “winning” homie.

  5. mrseven65 on said:

    ….fresh as always, man…love the colours

  6. Do it!

  7. jasonmarshalljazz on said:

    Nice pants. I’d avoid wearing oxfords (balmorals) with separates. Grey odd jackets should be a bit more obviously separate. This looks like it came with a matching pair of trousers. Contrasting buttonholes are ALWAYS a mistake. Shoulders look a bit narrow (still) and the while the button stance is a bit better than the last A&B I still think the cialis alternitives waist button could come down some. Consider lowering the tie bar so that it bridges the space between the jacket fronts. Nice briefcase.

  8. jasonmarshalljazz on said:

    And the armholes are WAY TOO BIG.

  9. Kevin Stewart on said:

    This is a smart and cialis profesional sophisticated look. Peck lapel sport coat, the trouser color adds a touch rareley seen from American men. The trouser cuff also the proper width. The tan leather of the shoes and bag. It all works. Well done Sir.!

  10. RealWrdSpoken on said:

    DOPE… Very nice, I would def rock this look.

  11. bxriddim on said:

    more cowbell, i mean more color

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  13. KiaJD on said:

    I’m REALLY feeling the green pants. I don’t think there’s too much color going on at all but maybe I’m a little far out in that respect. I like the way the bag pops. It’s very polished yet modern with the recommended site use of color. Swagtastic, sir.

  14. Michael on said:

    What’s a player? Love this look. Just picked up a pair of sky green trousers for Easter -presently, I’m planning to prescriptions cheap tramadol online pair them with a cream linen single breasted, center vented sportscoat. I dig the way you are wearing these. I know you might not be willing to share your style secrets…but what is the size of the cuff in your trousers? I’m feeling that…might be willing to try.

    • Sup mayne. Those particular cuffs are 2″. They’re pretty hefty though. I’m usually more comfortable going with around 1.5″ cuffs, unless the pants are particularly slim. In my opinion, you don’t want wide legs AND wide cuffs.

      and no secrets here. just practice and borrowing from those who’ve done it better.

  15. Rob Gaines on said:

    How would you rate your experiences with A&B’s clothing so far? I’m looking for a couple of new suits, but I want to get it right on link for you the first try. I don’t have money for “do-overs” if it isn’t how I like it.

    • Hm. Questions like deserved a nuanced answer, but it’ll keep it short.
      A&B – Pros: GREAT Customer service. Whatever you’re unhappy with, they will endeavor to fix. In my experience, their Clothiers really know their craft and sell without leaving you feeling like you’ve been sold a bill of soft levitra tablets goods. Cons: That said, I’m uncertain about the craftsmanship, quality, and long-term satisfaction with some of the pieces I’ve ordered. Their entry level suiting is a decent starting point for someone just building a wardrobe. I don’t know that I would endorse their higher end fabrics/suiting when compared with Ready to Wear brands like Paul Stuart or Ralph Lauren, etc.

      • Bobby W. on said:

        Thanks man. You’ve echoed much of what I’d read in forums, but I actually trust what you’re saying. Keep up the good work, brother.

  16. Bruce Wheyn of Money Market Legacy on said:


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