LGM x WJS x Justine Chang. [October 4th, 2011]

The outside world is only as far as you let it be.  Just as the four-corners of your office walls will encircle and viagra cheapest price stifle you, just as much as you let them.  The Dead-lines will strengthen their choke-holds, and the Days will lengthen into darkness.  No one will ask you to tap out, until one day you’re forced to.  It’s up to us to canadian pharmacy viagra generic know when to pull the release valve, and say enough is enough.  As Americans, many of us have been brought up with a somewhat insular view.  The perception that because there’s “no better place in the world,” other countries aren’t necessarily worth seeing, is not an uncommon one.  To be fair, there’s a lot to see here.  But few things are as priceless as walking hand in hand with someone special, while turning the corner on a foreign street and watching a real-life post-card unveiling itself.

Every once a while, it’s good to remember what it feels like to be a stranger.  To stumble over someone else’s language with a sheepish grin and shrugged shoulders.  To place blind faith in the hieroglyphs splayed across the pages of your menu, and hope that whatever is brought to your table doesn’t squirm too much.  These are the www.slic.de kinds of http://www.deadseaglory.com/cialis-from-canadian-pharmacy experiences that you fill the empty silence with.  More than just a passport stamp or plane ticket.  In retrospect, every trip becomes a cherished series of “Remember when”s.  An investment in your future, just as much as your present.  A reason to justify the giant spinning wheel beneath your proverbial hamster feet.

So the other day, I got together with my friends over at wejetset for a sit-down about travel and the things that inspire us.  We Jet Set is a one-stop online treasure trove of travel-related goods and information.  With near-encyclopedic detail, WJS has gone to levitra uk no prescription great lengths to collect personal notes and photographs of many of our favorite travel locales.  If you’re anything like me, you’re always on viagra visa the hunt for the escape waiting on the horizon.  Check your boarding pass & flight times..but check WJS first.

photography by the amazing Justine Chang.

7 comments on “LGM x WJS x Justine Chang.

  1. Ramsay on said:

    Pure elegance and perfection. From the small details – the pocket square, socks and canadameds generic viagra from india bracelets. The color combination, the patterns,et……..what a master of style.

  2. Porter on said:

    Who makes that unbelievable jacket?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Where were these photos taken? Doesn’t quite look like Philly…but then again I’ve been wrong once before.

  4. Martin on said:

    Great to see you switch from the double breasted to single with the jacket. Great work.

  5. Classe ed eleganza! Complimenti

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