LGM x How I Met Your Style: “The Masquerade Is Over” [November 21st, 2011]

Every working morning, for as long as you can remember, a stranger’s face has stared back from your bathroom mirror’s reflection.   Occasionally, your eyes make contact when it glances back at you.  The brief cold of a ghost’s presence.  A momentary acknowledgment in the rear-view mirror…as you are chauffeured along in the backseat that has become your life.  Like a laugh, too loud, from the back of a movie theater.  Like a telling string dangling from a magician’s sleeve.  A fleeting reminder…that Everything Is Not In Its Right Place.

We commute from one social landmark to the next, like falling debris.  Careening wherever the winds of opportunity take us, as pieces of buy abilify online uk ourselves are smashed against the shore.  Against the waves, we are anchored by our titles.  Anchored by our degrees.  Secured by the order cialis online canada weight of social status.  Bound to the sense of privilege which will eventually sink us when we no longer have the will to keep up.  The constant pressure to tread water.  The unsubtle urge that we are not doing enough, if we aren’t doing more than those who are in the lanes next to www.articleinput.com us.  The guilt of having the world on canada viagra buy our plates, as we grow to despise it more with every force-fed bite.

On the way up the ladder, life is like a back-room card game…and we’ve been taught to wear a poker face.  A mask that says: “I want what you want.“…”Everything is fine.” and “Of course.  How much further backwards can I bend to help you?” with one glance.  Underneath, the eyebrows furrow.  The inner fists clench, and the grin begins to grimace.  A voice says to you: “…you know, if you keep making that face, it’ll stay that way.“  In response, you laugh to keep from crying.

How much longer can we pretend?  How much more of ourselves will we burn out, while wasting away as fuel and canadian viagra supplier fumes for someone else’s engine?  A slumbering leviathan; your true purpose brims below the surface.  Announcing itself like a telephone that rings endlessly; stopping only when your fingers encircle themselves around the receiver.  Like a recurring dream that holds the viagra superstore Answer to order viagra online Everything.  It’s silhouette slender and shrugging behind the curtain of your eyelids.  Always on the verge of whispering the punch line before you awake.

For some, there is comfort in the linear life.  For some, the adulation that comes with a nameplate and corner-office is samples viagra cialis sufficient sustenance.  They want it so bad, they might cry.  This is the prescribed and pre-arranged method to happiness.  Perhaps they aren’t plagued by the ever-present sense that they were made for something better.  Perhaps they are, but choose to paint within the lines nonetheless.  Maybe they’ve opted to compete for the inconsolable consolation prize: a successful but unfulfilled existence.

If you’re frightened, you can be. It’s okay.  But  one thing becomes clearer every day.  The more of ourselves we allow to be smothered, the less of follow link us there will be when we finally come up for air.  A day will come when you decide to claw your way out of the visit web site deep sleep.  A day will come when you decide to stop living as a facsimile.  The masquerade is over.  Make sure they see your face.

Credits: Photography – How I Met Your Style (aka the amazing Carmen Chan) x Jacket & Trousers – Lee Baron x Square – Drake’s Of London x Glasses – Oliver Goldsmith x Locale – Hong Kong, Sheung Wan

25 comments on “LGM x How I Met Your Style: “The Masquerade Is Over”

  1. Tenille on said:

    Very nice! And if you don’t mind…what type of camera are you all shooting with?

  2. Heather on said:

    whew, for a minute I was worried that you made (redacted) be your personal photographer around HK.

  3. SankofaII on said:

    This *IS* hot.

    The outfit *AND* the fact that you shot this in Hong Kong…it works. Great job!

  4. superb!

  5. great post!

  6. Where did those chelsea boots come from? Very nice.

  7. Kelvin Coleman on said:

    Yo, man that piece says a lot that resonates with me. Appreciate the expression.

  8. Genevieve on said:

    Dope, seriously dope. All of it. Bravo Zulu!

  9. micspecial on said:

    man, i’ve been a long time fan of this blog and i usually never post in the comments but i feel like i owe it to this set to us overnight cialis at least show the appreciation for your sense of style. bravo man. well done. diggin it all.

  10. I can never decide if it’s the clothes or the writing that I keep coming back for.

  11. I’m intrigue with your writing men, what’s the key?

    • Don’t know if there’s a particular key…or Door….But I make an effort to communicate on fedex viagra no prescription a level that every day people can relate to. There are certain universal truths and experiences that we all go through at one point or the other. At the end of the day, we’re all just ordinary people who live on the same spinning rock.

  12. The Dandy Portraits on said:

    These are fantastic. Great atmosphere, and so cool to see you in a different environment! Triple cheers! Rose

  13. Kristopher on said:

    Great Work my man. I’m defns diggin the contrast between your personal aesthetic and style with the urban/run down environment in this post. Your Mojo’s so Dope! haha UNreal. And I gotta show love for the words as well. It’s been awesome to see how far your prose has come and generic cialis 10 mg developed since the cheap cialis canada early days. Continue to strive for excellence. God Bless.

  14. I SEE YOU.

  15. Congrats. The scenery is wonderful.

  16. That was ill. I have been following your blog for a minute and I appreciate and enjoy your writing. I have never been big on professional viagra online style. I’m pretty much jeans, sneakers and sweats although I must admit that I do clean up nice. However, your blog has peaked my interests in fashion ten fold. Keep up the good work and many blessings in all future endeavors.

  17. Liam Jacobs on said:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. #Awesome

  18. D-flaited on said:

    I just stumbled across this site and found myself reading the thoughts in my mind. Un…Un…Unbelievable! Your artful use of words cut in and through the heart of non prescription type cialis my life. I’m in awe of how you captured the essence of life’s journey. And your style and only now pairings is spot on. The masquerade ‘is’ over…..for me. I Thank You!!!!

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