Introducing: Raval & Knight Fall/Winter 2011. [February 17th, 2011]

Every now and uk viagra then, you’re fortunate to be around at the right place, at the right time, and you witness something amazing growing.  That’s how I feel about Raval & Knight.  A few months ago, I got a chance to swing by their studio in NY to check out some of the pieces the buy viagra online forum guys had in the works for this season.  Considering their humble beginnings, I was nothing short of canadian generic viagra floored at the level of craftsmanship and design involved.  It’s one thing to go to Japan, Italy, or England to see fine tailoring.  That’s almost expected.  But to find something home-made that truly fits my aesthetic is a rare and coveted occasion.  The following is pretty much what happens when you combine classic Americana with a modern/younger silhouette.  And it’s happening in our backyard, at the hands of young guys not unlike you and I, who have the know-how and guts to go out on their own.  Needless to say, I’m excited at the possibilities.


Jackets – $3625
Trousers – $1250
Shirts – $625
Knits – $875
Ties – $150
Bow Ties – $87.50

5 comments on “Introducing: Raval & Knight Fall/Winter 2011.

  1. What’s the price point?

  2. unitedstyle on said:

    That jacket is killer, but I wouldn’t wear those pants with it. I assume this is just a “trying on” picture. The contrast buttons work for me, though I might be tempted to switch them out for horn.

    • Yup. In-studio try-on. I was pretty shocked at how well it fit right off the rack though. I’m starting to rethink my custom/MTM-only stance. I’m finding that you kind of get what you pay for. It IS possible to order propica get a great fit off the rack. Unfortunately, it’ll (usually) cost you.

  3. Mr. Goodwill Hunting on said:

    These are some real nice pieces. The price point seems a bit high, seeing the name is canadian viagra scam somewhat unknown. However, if their craftsmanship is excellent, I can see them doing fairly well as custom clothing seems to be the trend now.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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