For The Next Two Days, Let the World Fall On Someone Else’s Shoulders. [March 19th, 2011]

We all have our share of worries.  If you’re like me, you also have a big enough closet in the back of your head to sweep them into.  On Friday, you barricaded the try it door with Beer.  If you’re lucky, on Saturday, you’ll fortify the latches with BBQ.  On Sunday, when their eyes peer back menacingly through the cracks, you’ll blind-fold them with Brunch.  A day later, you’ll find them at your bedside: like ungrateful and us pharmacy viagra underfed pets.  You’ll find the world spinning without relent.  And you’ll be glad you took a break from it.

But that is then.  For now, it’s Saturday.  The day when better men than you and I have historically turned a deaf-ear to the subtle *thump-thump-thump* of the responsibilities buried in their basements.  If you haven’t already, you should do the same.

Sight: Persol + Suit: Timothy Everest + Shoes: Barker Black + Sounds: Raekwon “Shaolin vs Wu-Tang”

Big Rube caught me in the streets unaware.  Didn’t have time to put my Black Magnum face on.

Editor’s Note: No square.  I regret it a little.  Also.  Those pants definitely need an inch or two more (that’s what she said).

14 comments on “For The Next Two Days, Let the World Fall On Someone Else’s Shoulders.

  1. Wonderfully written, but do you wear suits on the us online pharmacy cheap tramadol cod weekend? How about casual wear? I want to see the hoodie and hightops portion of this site.

    • Fair point. Nah, I definitely look more street-wear on the weekends. But I tend to not focus on that as much since there are so many other guys out there who do it better. It’s also not particularly unusual to info levitra see the hoodie/hi-top combo when you step out of your door. Hence my general focus on more tailored wear. I hear you though. I’ll see what I can do cialis next day to switch it up some.

  2. antonia on said:

    this would explain why i loathe mondays.

  3. Cryptowolf on said:

    Thanks for the gentle reminder to let the world spend some time in the time out closet in the back of my head.

    Have a restful weekend.

  4. matthew on said:

    re: “thats what she said”…

    i cannot speak to the in-the-pants portion of that dual entendre. but as far as the bottom-of-the-pants portion, i do say you’ve nailed it. i, personally, am a fan of a slightly shorter legth pant leg. maybe not so far as some take it, but i think you have it perfect in this shot.

    an inch or two more? no sir, you do not need it.

    thats definitely NOT what she said.

  5. Jason Marshall on said:

    I’m not at all convinced that Sir Timothy made that suit for you. Consider visiting him for some alterations.

    • Just a general point: I understand this is the internet, where the luxury of anonymity allows people to spout whatever they want without tact. I’m always appreciative of propecia 1mg constructive criticism and I don’t consider myself particularly thin skinned. However, since I consider this ‘my house’ so to speak, I prefer to be addressed in the same tone that I speak to others. With at least a modicum of respect. Not like someone’s fumbling kid brother who needs unsolicited advice.

      That said, the suit is an OTR Timothy Everest from his Osaka store. I would love to viagra online prices have the 20mg cialis pleasure of having him make or alter one for me. Until then, I’ll enjoy what I have at my disposal.

  6. Justin FitzPatrick on said:

    Just now got the correlation that you are you. I know that sounds weird, but having always seen your posts on SF, yet just recently hearing of the blog and finding a random pic of you in google images that I used in a post called “no brown in town, yeah right!”, it seems to have just all came together. Anyway, found it amusing.

    All the best,


  7. Jason Marshall on said:

    I’m not sure how suggesting a bespoke tailor could be considered disrespectful but, as you said, this is “your house” and if you feel disrespected by my suggestion then please accept my sincere apologies. If you haven’t noticed, I do occasionally read your blog because it seems as though we have vaguely similar tastes concerning the beta blockers and levitra acquisition of goods. Where we clearly diverge is the method with which we deploy said goods. I realize I’m addressing a man anointed by Esquire Magazine, that bastion of sartorial excellence, as one of off brand viagra the five best-dressed real men in America. I can imagine how my suggestion would be misunderstood considering how the majority of the comments posted on your blog are book-ended by boundless praise. Please excuse my inadequate genuflection. I’m sure there are people who see you as an authority on all matters sartorial in nature. So…I sho is sawry sur…musta faghat hooze house i was in.

    • I considered your “suggestion” disrespectful. I have seen plenty of reply posts here that are in disagreement with some Wale’s style choices, but the opinions are expressed in a somewhat constructive manner. The tone of you post definitely came across condescending, at it felt like you were questioning the authenticity of his suit, not recommending alterations.

      When he states that it is ‘his house’, I think he merely means that he expects everyone here to respect each other, which doesn’t always happen on visit our site these blogs because there is low cost tramadol no cyber hand to slap the sh*t out of you when one gets slick with the mouth. He checked you. It was well deserved. Accept it and move on.

    • wow you’re an asshole. plenty of people comment on not liking certain things but don’t comment with such a smug nastiness. that was the point he was making – a point which seems to have flown right over your head. why waste your time being rude? i could go on your website and comment on your sartorial AND musical missteps but i don’t. are you jealous? do you have a crush on him? please.

    • First of all. It’s now Monday. I’m happy to move on from this because life is short, I’ve got a dinner to cook, a wife to order levitra pill kiss, and more gear to covet.

      But to wrap this up: I think if you view your latest comment (and some of your previous ones) objectively, you’ll find that your tone can often be interpreted as condescending. Advice and genuine cialis 5mg criticism is great, and always welcome. But no one likes to be talked down to. Certainly not when they are creating a platform for others to express themselves civilly. My general approach to online interactions goes something like this: “Would you address a grown man this way if you were standing in front of cheap generic overnight viagra him?…if no, then you should probably rephrase.”

      The sarcasm about Esquire and “‘boundless praise” are unnecessary and off base. You will be hard pressed to find any instances on this site where I’ve portrayed myself to canadian rx cialis be anything greater than what I am: Just a dude who likes clothes. I think most people recognize that, and don’t read any more into it than what it is.

      However, at the cialis order canada end of the day, it IS about house rules.
      There are bloggers who let their readers run awry and talk to each other like 12 year olds.
      That may be fine for them. It’s not for me.
      If you come to LGM, you play nice, or you don’t play at all.

      I don’t think that’s an unreasonable outlook to have when one is attempting to build a lasting and helpful community. Have a good week.

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