Don’t Try This On This Side of india cialis The World. [January 13th, 2011]

My buddy Berel from A&B sent me this shot of this couple he caught out in Milan.  Yeah. Milan.  Pretty much the only place where one can roll through the streets in what appears to be a conk, assassin gloves, whole-cuts, and a 3-piece suit that looks like that.  Plus a girlfriend wearing a freshly maimed fur? Of course.  True Bond-Villain fashion.  I’ve been known to push the envelope, but even I wouldn’t recommend this for the office.  Hats off to our Italian friends who do find viagra no prescription required what we can’t, or are afraid to.

16 comments on “Don’t Try This On This Side of The World.

  1. literally looks like a clown suit, nice shoes though

  2. Wow this gent style is FILTHY, I was wondering if that suit is custom made, love it!

  3. antonia on said:

    wow you said ‘conk’! lol! well america is buying levitra in mexico usually behind and 5mg cialis shall we say less progressive than european countries, and for once, i am glad.

  4. unitedstyle on said:

    It’s like pizza, chocolate souffle, mimosas, sushi, and Mom’s apple pie–each on their own is fine, all together, not so much.

  5. thank you for never going THAT far.

  6. Seriously, I have pajama pants with the same print as his suit.

  7. Stan Moss on said:

    This gentleman that we are speaking about is Professional Boxer Regilio Benito Tuur… He is from the Netherlands… His sense of style is impeccable for a lack of better words… I wish more guys on this side of the pond would be more daring like Mr Tuur… There is indeed a lesson to be learned from this pic…

  8. Management on said:

    If Floyd Mayweather Jr had been cast as Mr Glass in Unbreakable, it would have looked like this.

  9. Regilio Benito on said:

    He guys i,m the one in the pic, my name is Regilio Benito Tuur, as Stan points out correctly i,m a former boxer, My dad was a fighter & my mom a seamstress.
    I started boxing 2prove a point, after my big brother called me a sissy when i wanted 2go 2fashion school as my sister.
    This was my boxing record.(1988 olympian, 91 NY state, 92 European, 94 WBO world champion.)
    Think i made my point.
    I went 2fashion school in between as well as self teaching myself by visiting all the major fashion fairs/shows in the world since i,m 18 years.
    As a child of one of the Dutch collonies, i was raised in Holland, & spend my youth roming Europe. When i fell in love with Milano & Paris the Italians & french love live & quality of live, that shows in their art, wines, food, designers ect.
    I speak, Dutch, German, French, Italian, obviously English& Surinamees(where me Fam is from).
    I live in NYC manhattan eastside now, but as u c still spend as much time as i can in Europe/Milano,Paris,London, Cote d’azure.

    The fabric i,m wearing is of my first line hand made from the Ariston luxury line(ofcourse made in italy).
    Shirt is cheap generic overnight viagra from my own bespoke line, handmade(Italy).
    Tie is Tom Ford
    Shoes are Handmade Santoni(bought in Milano but i think Bergdorf & goodman in NYC has them as well)

    I was snapped in this outfit by 7 different Italian fashion media outlets, & featured on italian fashion Tv.

    In 2010 was featured in Bill Cunninghams NY times Sunday styles 3 times, Last time under Tommy Hilfiger, that says enough about my sense of style.

    Since the viagra without prescription sales one writing this blog obviously doesn,t get it, its very simple, go to the Tom Ford store on Madison ave,(or in Bergdorf&goodman) & u might under stand more what this is about.
    Or look at Bill Cunninghams page sunday styles in the Sunday NY times.

    I have my own bespoke label & i will be opening a showroom/flagship in NYC in the near future.
    I would love 2 elaborate on generic viagra online prescription this when the time comes if u like, mayb i can teach u high end mens fashion & can teach me something else i dont know… yet.

    I dont criticise others nor do i speak on things i dont understand or know much about, but i try to learn from them, maybe this is one thing i might suggest.

    Yes i agree, the world of fashion is Paris, London & Milano, or the streets of St tropez, where i spend a lot of my time.
    But as i said for the once that (want2)understand it its here in NYC allready.
    All u have 2do is to go to Madison avenue( hey that rimes haha)

    Ti saluti mi amici piaceri, Regilio Benito, (((R)))

    • Regilio, thanks for commenting and sharing your insight. The tone of the post was actually meant to be complimentary. I’m rereading it, and perhaps I should have been more clear. If you spend time in New York, then you know most Americans don’t have the means or the courage to rock an outfit like this. My point was that while this is a bold look, it is obviously inappropriate for the average guy’s office/desk job. Keep doing your thing, and best of luck with your endeavors.

  10. Dude, conks are money.

    • Francesco Milan on said:

      sure, it’s not an italian style, especially for Milan in day time, really too much: if u wanna get attention, ok, but for the rest…………………..
      i noticed something visiting different fashion street bloggers:
      in U.S for example in NYC the blogger is almost the unique one well dressed in the picture,while all the other random persons looks quite cheap.
      while in Italy, for example in Milan u don’t feel the unique one who pay attention to colors, clothes proportions and so on, and it’s not needed to viagra buy now show off many accessories or details to look elegant: the elegance is the best site even to be able to combine a tee with jeans and loafers: there is always something to learn: it worths to me as well

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