You. In. Reverse. [November 21st, 2010]


There are things you’ve done, that you can never take back.  There are places you’ve gone, that you’ll never come back from.  Some of us would do anything to push the past beyond our memory’s reach.  Some of us have done everything to forget (cue the generic viagra without a percription subtle “clink clink” of something on-the-rocks swilling around in a glass).  But on some days, we’re forced to remember.  A glimpse in the mirror perhaps.  Or when staring into the mute blackness of the ceiling above you.  And you’ll see it.  The denim-jacket with the matching pale jeans.  The mustache you let fester for too long.  The date you went on, dressed like Larry David, which inevitably ended much in the same way that any date with Larry David would (in crushing disappointment and viagra uk shop with shrugged shoulders for all involved).

I’ve been there.  Like me, you have a past that you’ve been dying to forget.  The old you is a figure diametrically opposed to the current image that you have cultivated with the desperate fervor of a Tea Party funded PR-death squad.  At nights, you still fear that somewhere…there is photographic evidence that will indict you of your previous misdeeds.  In cold sweats and with murderous thoughts, you pray that those pictures will never surface.  Until that day.  You will continue to purchase cymbalta online wake.  You will continue to reach into the recesses of it's cool the dark closet in front of you with a triumphant urgency.  Your wardrobe, previously unkempt and with an uncanny ability to perpetually disappoint, has finally begun to take shape.  You feel yourself at the precipice.  A step closer to the pinnacle.

But on some mornings, when your grim-faced closet deals you the buy kamagra wrong cards, you’re forced to take a step backwards.  On those days, you will step out of your home. mis-matched. odd-fitting.  and generally ill-conceived.  Much like the old you used to.  Nevertheless, you will find the resolve to grin and bear it like the un-politically connected recipient of an enveloped draft card.

Try as we might, we will inevitably fall backwards.  Take it on discount generic viagra the chin.  For a moment, swill the lukewarm sense of mediocrity around in your mouth.  Allow your palette to recognize failure.  Spit it out.  And move forward.  With the promise to never let it become an acquired taste.

Credits: Film: 12RND + Photography: Paniwo Creative + Suit: PRL + Shoes: Barker Black + Boots: Grenson + Shirt: Made Tailor + Driving Cap: J.Crew + Scarf: Paul Stuart + Theme: Jay Electronica – “Exhibit A (Transformations)”

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  1. Too dope. Feeling the message, concept, & execution. Kudos to all involved.

  2. Barrington on said:

    Constantly killing it.

    What’s the deets on that leather jacket? Also, what’s up with Made Tailor? Haven’t heard of them before. Do you recommend them over Modern Tailor, Jantzen, Tailor Shop, and the generic viagra with international shipping other regulars?

    • Thanks B. The leather is Cockpit’s A-1 WWi Bomber. I managed to come up on it for super cheap.
      Made Tailor is actually a new outfit started by a good friend of mine, and I was one of levitra pill his first clients. I actually don’t have any experience with Jantzen. But I’ve been told that while their quality is good, they take forever to deliver. Can’t speak on cheap tramadol fedex overnight the accuracy of that. I will actually be doing a full Made Tailor review when I get my next order in a few weeks. They get the LGM stamp of approval.

  3. Heat Rocks

  4. The Fashion Rascals on said:

    I really enjoy your prose. Great way to start the week.

  5. Hi Woe

    How do buy viagra in france you find the Grenson boots? I have been eyeing these from afar for a while, but yet to commit. Would be good to best buy for viagra hear some actual on the foot experience


    • I quite like them. They aren’t the sleekest boot, but they obviously aren’t a “dress” pair that one would wear with a suit. They are great with jeans or a more casual pant. The comfort, construction, and quality of the leather are great in my opinion. It also doesn’t hurt that they turn a fair amount of heads. For whatever reason, (quality) tan brogued boots are a rare site Stateside. It’s more of cheepest generic viagra an English look, I think. Good luck. As an aside, Herring makes a decent tan brogued boot called the “Burgh” that is a bit sleeker. It’s a bit cheaper, but I found the Grenson to have better quality leather.

  6. Mr.Goodwill Hunting on said:

    This is some good stuff right here


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  8. Dope! Love the nod to Pharcyde’s drop, but on a completely different vibe.

  9. mensstylepro215 on said:

    So this is what you’ve been working on, good stuff Wale. For those that didnt catch the interview I did with Wale here is the levitra online sale link Keep up the good work man. My website is still in progress

  10. SprezzTie on said:

    Nice video, question, what watch are you wearing?

  11. Love the way your pants sit on you, how wide are the openings?

  12. unitedstyle on said:


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  14. Samuel U. on said:

    This is beyond anything I could put into words at the moment. Killer.

    - Samuel U.

  15. Thomas Tillman Jr. on said:

    Hello Sir, while on my anniversary with my wife this weekend I came across your website. I was very intrigue with your concept and message you are relaying to your readers. I’am a 41 year old Afro-American & have been custom tailoring & designing mens fashion for years. If it was anyone possible how would I be able to show you my work. I put together two of the biggest fashion shows for “real Designers” in Philadelphia at The National Constitution Center.Keep up the good work….

  16. Brilliant!

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