The Dark Things That Hide In The Back Of Your Closet. [August 25th, 2010]

Oh, Hell Yeah, you knew this post was coming.  And don’t you sit there and viagra online from india look at me like I’m the only one, either!  We all have our share of wardrobe ghouls and goblins  that hang mummified; with a vintage coat of  spiderwebs on them.  I was doing a little spring cleaning and found these K&G suits that I bought before law school.  Doing the math, that means that just 3 years ago, I was walking around looking like the charitable beneficiary of an unfortunate wardrobe that once belonged to someone much bigger, and with terrible taste.  Only, these were clothes that I bought with my own money, thinking I was getting a great deal.  We all have to start somewhere.  Many of us don’t know any better, so we cobble our pennies together, and march into the local K&G or Men’s Warehouse.  After all, they guarantee that we’ll love the way we look, right?  Stores like this might as well be called “Fisher Price My First Suit.”  In a way though, I think these big-box stores are actually necessary.  Much in the same way that its necessary for an addict to hit rock-bottom before he can begin making his way towards sobriety.  One agonizing step at a time; and only after apologizing to everyone that he hurt on his way down.  Part of me thinks that I had to first look ridiculous, before I could truly appreciate, and yearn for, the feeling of looking good.  So let’s hear it for the bones in our closets.  The sartorial versions of generic form of viagra the relatively unattractive girl you first made out with in junior-high.  You know, the one whose eyes would meet yours, years later in the high school hallways, while you said furtive inward prayers that she would never speak publicly of your intertwined past.  Take solace in the fact that the best looking person you know once looked like a train wreck.  And if you still find yourself tied to buy viagra next day cheap the tracks, that’s alright.  Things can only get better.  Just put your hands up.  And step slowly…away…from the cheapest prices on viagra square-toed shoes.

Editor’s Note: I considered doing fit pics in these items before I donated them, but I have too much pride, and refuse to give you such satisfaction at my expense.  Needless to say, they all look hideous.  Also, I’m not actually sure if donating these things counts as charity, or a disservice to my fellow man. Either way, charitable tax deduction holla!

12 comments on overnight canadian levitraThe Dark Things That Hide In The Back Of Your Closet.

  1. Virgil on said:

    oh my god not square toed shoes…. i will never forgive myself for that haha

  2. Management on said:

    I absolutely love this post, and there’s a 72% chance I’m going to steal it in some shape form or fashion.

  3. Genevieve on said:

    I love the look of disdain on your cat’s face!

  4. unitedstyle on said:

    Wow, those shoes. They’re like spatulas. I caught an old episode of What Not To Wear the other week from 2004 and Clinton (the guy stylist) pulled out similar shoes to show the guy they were making over. He said, “these are the type of shoes you should be wearing.” I wanted to scream, “Noooooo! Don’t do it!”

    I had a one-button, wool heather khaki-colored Donna Karan suit that I bought in 1999 from Loehman’s that I finally donated last year, after hanging out in my closet for 9 years.

  5. Heather on said:

    I like to purchase viagra no rx call those shoes “big boy” shoes. As in, the guy wearing them is tramadol cheap that delivers to arkansas thinking “I’m a big boy now.” As a rule, I don’t talk to guys wearing big boys shoes.

  6. Confused on said:

    These shoes seem fine? Other than being dirty. What’s so bad? I don’t own any but I wouldn’t react with horror to them on the street, as it seems most others are.

    • well, there’s nothing inherently *wrong* with them per se. But with the benefit of hindsight, square-toed shoes are generally considered to be one of usefull link those fashion mistakes that are better off being forgotten. While they may be comfortable because they are so much roomier than a more conventional/rounded toe, most people find them grotesque because of their boxy shape. A few years ago, there was a big push for square toed shoes. Thankfully, they aren’t as popular anymore. Conversely, the super-pointy toe you occasionally see around town these days is almost as hideous.

  7. I’m wearing shoes that look like the ones on the left as I type this.

    I will be taking corrective action as soon as my budget allows.

  8. Those shoes are fine, if you don’t mind looking like an Oompa-Loompa…

    But the real crime is they aren’t real leather, they’re ‘corrected’ which means they sanded off the cialis now top surface and laid plastic on it. That’s why they look cheap and plasticky.

  9. The Man Without Fear on said:

    Love the post.

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