For Your Consideration: See Eyewear [July 23rd, 2010]

I’m thinking of starting a new section on generic cialis 5mg prospective purchases.  Starting with these glasses that funny-man Jason Sudeikis has on in this month’s (August) GQ.  Courtesy of See Eyewear.  Considering getting them as shades (see the site, 3rd column bottom row).  It’s either these, or some Tom Ford Aviators.  Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

6 comments on “For Your Consideration: See Eyewear

  1. Shawn$ on said:

    pretty dope, I wouldve expected them to be more expensive.

  2. Shawn$ on said:

    I actually don’t rock shades since my vision is viagra more drug uses so bad and cialis prescription not required I hate putting on contacts nowadays, but have been thinking about going Thailand Old School and getting some Ray Ban Aviators.

    These are my current specs:

    They are in major disarray since Kamau decided to rip 1 of the arms off one morning when he woke up.

    I need to chop it up with you re: a wedding suit and shoes one of generic viagra for sale these days soon.

    • those are fresh. shades are a pain when you already wear glasses, cause you have to keep switching. I actually wear glasses AND contacts at the best online cialis same time (yeah i’m basically blind). and haha @ mau mau the monster! yeah man, it’s been too long. as soon as I’m done with this damned exam this week, i’ll be a regular person again. I need to come out to the city and see you guys. we’ll catch up.

  3. Damien on said:

    These for sure. Tom Ford’s are too well, Tom Ford. You wanna wear them and not let them wear you.

    • Ha. Turns out these were sold out. Copped the Tom Ford Maxime. We’ll see how it works out when it gets here. Thanks for the input though.

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